Image Sensing Technology

Facial Skin Beautifier

Wrinkles reduction and imperfections removal for facial skin

The process is only applied to skin region
of the faces leave other regions such as
the boundary of eyes and mouth

Creates a natural
and healthy-looking skin image.

Robust to various expressions, races and ethnic groups

Device independent and highly customizable.

Eye Enlargement/ Eye Beautifier

Highlights or beautifies the eyes for a better impression.

Eye enlargement make face beautiful can make a face more sharp-looking on a photo.

The pupils become shiny make face lovely.

Device independent and highly customizable.

Red-eye Reduction

Red-eye removal for photo shooting.

High accuracy, less error rate.

Removes red-eye and restores the natural eye color.

"pet eye" and halation removals are also available.

Device independent and highly customizable .

Other various adjustments

Various adjustments are available for facial parts.

–Eyeliner and cheek retouching, and highlights
–Mouth corner lifting and “firmer face” adjustments

Application Examples

Eyeliner and cheek retouching
Mouth corner lift and “firmer face” adjustment
Eye enlargement and eye beautifying