Enviornment Sensor

Environment Sensor: Support a Comfortable Life

For greater Simplicity in Connectivity and Sensing in IoT

Omron’s environment sensor is a multi-function sensing component capable of tracking eight different environmental factors which include: temperature, humidity, light, UV index, barometric pressure, noise, acceleration and VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) with wireless communication functionality in an ultra-small footprint.

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Watch Over a Baby,
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Designing a Comfortable Sleep Condition

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Notify Change In Weather and UV Alert

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Product Name Environment Sensor
Model 2JCIE-BU01 2JCIE-BL01 2JCIE-BL01-P1
Type USB Type BAG Type PCB Type
Power Supply 5 V (USB power supply) 3 VDC (Lithium battery CR2032 × 1) 3 VDC
Sensors Temperature, Humidity, Light, Barometric pressure, Sound noise, 3-axis acceleration*1, eTVOC*2 Temperature, Humidity, Light, Barometric pressure, Sound noise, UV index*3
Interface Bluetooth® low energy*4, USB communication Bluetooth® low energy*4 (GAP advertisement / Custom GATT profile)
Communication range Approx. 10 m*5
Operating Temperature -10 to 60 °C
Operating Humidity 30 to 85 %RH
Dimensions Approx. 29.1 × 14.9 × 7.0 mm Approx. 46.0 × 39.0 × 15.0 mm Approx. 27.2 × 24.0 × 1.0 mm
Weight Approx. 2.9 g Approx. 16 g (incl. battery) Approx. 2.5 g
Battery Life - Approx. 6 months*5
(5 min. measurement interval/one time per day connection)
Contents - CR2032 × 1(3 VDC) -
  • *1. 3-axis acceleration values can only be obtained in the specified operation mode. For details, refer to the Communication Interface Manual.
  • *2. eTVOC (equivalent Total Volatile Organic Compounds) refers to the total concentration of volatile organic compounds in a room environment. Output TVOC values will be higher or lower depending on the type of volatile organic compound. Also, if continuously operated in high-temperature and high-humidity environments, sensitivity for eTVOC values may decrease.
  • *3. Information on UV Index is just for reference. And it may not be the same as that issued by public institutions.
  • *4. The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by OMRON Corporation is under license.
  • *5. Communication distance and battery life may vary according to obstacles between the communication equipment, radio wave conditions.