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EE-SY1201 Photomicrosensor (Reflective)

Built-in lens achieves 3 mm focal length
Small surface mounting type reflection sensor

  • PCB surface mounting type.
RoHS Compliant
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Ordering Information

Appearance Sensing
Sensing distance Output type Model Minimum
packing unit
(Unit: pcs)
EE-SY1201 Reflective SMT 3.0 mm Phototransistor EE-SY1201 1,000

Ratings, Characteristics and Exterior Specifications

Absolute Maximum Ratings (Ta = 25°C)
Item Symbol Rated value Unit
Emitter Forward current IF 50∗1 mA
Reverse voltage VR 6 V
Detector Collector-emitter voltage VCEO 35 V
Emitter-collector voltage VECO 6 V
Collector current IC 20 mA
Collector dissipation PC 75∗1 mW
Total allowable loss Ptot 100∗1 mW
Operating temperature Topr -25 to 85
Storage temperature Tstg -40 to 100
Reflow soldering temperature Tsol 260∗2
Electrical and Optical Characteristics (Ta = 25°C)
Item Symbol Value Unit Condition
Emitter Forward current VF --- 1.2 1.4 V IF = 20 mA
Reverse voltage IR --- --- 10 μA VR = 6 V
Peak emission wavelength λP --- 950 --- nm ---
Detector Light current IL 60 --- 410 μA IF = 4 mA,
VCE = 2 V,
Dark current ID --- 1 100 nA VCE = 20 V,
0 lx
Leakage current ILEAK --- --- 700 nA IF = 4 mA,
VCE = 2 V,
with no reflection
saturated voltage
--- --- --- V ---
Peak spectral
sensitivity wavelength
λP --- 930 --- nm ---
Rising time tr --- 20 100 μs VCC = 2 V,
RL = 1 kΩ,
IL = 100 μA,
d = 4 mm
Falling time tf --- 20 100 μs VCC = 2 V,
RL = 1 kΩ,
IL = 100 μA,
d = 4 mm

* Refer to Fig 12. Light Current Measurement Setup Diagram on page 2.

Exterior Specifications
Connecting method Weight (g) Material
SMT 0.025 Case: Epoxy resin
Sealing resin: Epoxy resin


(Unit: mm)

  • EE-SY1201
  • Recommended Soldering Pattern
  • Internal circuit

    Unless otherwise specified, the dimensional tolerance is ±0.3 mm.

Terminal No. Name
A Anode
K Cathode
C Collector
E Emitter


Precautions for Correct Use

  • Do not use the product in atmospheres or environments that exceed product ratings.
  • This product is for surface mounting. Refer to “Soldering Information, Storage and Baking” for details.
  • Dispose of this product as industrial waste.
Soldering Information
  • Reflow soldering: Temperature profile
    The reflow soldering must be completed at one time and must comply with the following diagram.
  • Solder Quantity
    The pin's wiring pattern between the package and the board must not be soldered. Doing so would result in damage to the product's reliability. Make sure to adjust the solder quantity to the product sidewall of the terminal.
  • Other Notes
    • The use of an infrared lamp causes the temperature of the resin to rise partially too high.
    • Do not immerse the resin part into the solder.
    • Test the soldering method under actual conditions and make sure the soldering works fine, since the impact on the junction between the device and PCB varies depending on the cooling and soldering conditions.
  • Storage conditions
    Store the product under the following conditions:
    Temperature: 5 to 30 °C
    Humidity: 70% max.
  • Treatment after open
    1. After opening the bag, store the products between 5 and 25°C at 60% humidity or lower and mount them within two days.
    2. If storage for longer than two days after opening the bag is required, use a dry box or reseal the products in a moisture-proof bag with a commercially available desiccant. Store them between 5 and 30°C at 70% humidity or lower, and mount them within two weeks.
  • Cleaning Conditions
    Cleaning in Solvent:
    Solvent temperature: 45°C max.
    Immersion time: 3 minutes max.
    Ultrasonic Cleaning:
    Do not use ultrasonic cleaning.
    Recommended Solvents:
    Ethyl alcohol, methyl alcohol, or isopropyl alcohol

If the above treatment could not be carried out, mounting is still possible after baking treatment.
However, baking treatment must be limited to only one time.
Recommended conditions: 125°C, 16 to 24 hours