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XM9B USB Connectors

Compact LAN Modular Jack Connectors

  • Category 5e transmission performance met for 1,2-3,6 pairs. (Verified with connection to OMRON XS5W-T421.)
  • Models available with and without indicators to match application needs.
  • For models with indicators, no space is required on the side of the case to install a separate indicator, which saves you space.
  • Structure provides EMI countermeasures.
  • Lead-free.
  • See the "Standards certification / conformity list" for information on conformity to certification standards.
RoHS Compliant
Note: This web page provides an excerpt from a datasheet. Refer to Product Datasheet and other applicable documents for more information.
Indicator Without indicator With indicator
Model XM9B-18844-10 XM9B-18844-11
Rated current 1.5A
Rated voltage 250 VAC
Contact resistance 20 mΩ max.
Insulation resistance 500 MΩ min.
Withstand voltage 500 VAC for 1 min (leakage current: 0.5 mA max.)
Insertion durability 750 times
Operating temperature -45 to 80°C (with no icing at low temperature)
Note: Refer to the product specifications for details.
(unit: mm)
Mounting Holes

Mounting Holes


Precautions for Correct Use

Do not use the product in any atmosphere or environment that exceeds the ratings.

●Automatic Soldering

Automated Soldering Conditions (Jet Flow)
(1) Soldering temperature: 250 ±5°C
(2) Continuous soldering time: 5 ±1 s max.


Do not store the Connectors in locations subject to dust or high humidity. Do not store the Connectors in locations close to sources of gasses such ammonia gas or sulfide gas.

●Terminal Shapes

The terminals will deform if they are subjected to an excessive load, which will in turn reduce solderability when mounting. Do not drop the Connectors or handle them carelessly. Do not connect anything when the Connectors are not mounted to a board. Doing so may deform the terminals.

●Using an Automatic Solder Bath

Mask the mating portion with tape before you perform automatic soldering to prevent flux or solder from entering the mating portion of the Connector. Select and use a suitable masking tape.

●Application Precautions

Confirm that there is no excessive misalignment or inclination in the mating contact portion between the plug and socket before mating the Connector. Make sure that the Connector is mated all the way to the back. If the Connector is not mated all the way to the back, contact reliability may be lost.
• Do not apply an extreme load during Connector insertion or removal. The Connector may be damaged, and contact failure may result. Twist the plug and socket as little as possible when mating the Connector. Not doing so may deform the terminals or housing or crack the housing.
• Do not insert a foreign object, such as tweezers, into the Connector mating contact portion. Doing so may cause the plating to peel off or deform the terminals.