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D3DC Miniature Door Switch

7mm Long Stroke in a Small Package

  • Providing good contact reliability with wiping movement.
  • Operating position marks make stroke settings
  • Crimp-type connector offers an easy wiring work
    and efficiency.
  • Snap-fit attachment for easy installation.
  • Providing two colors, white and black.
RoHS Compliant
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List of Models
Contact form Housing color Model
SPST-NC Black D3DC-2
White D3DC-2-W
White D3DC-3N-W

Contact form
Rated voltage
Resistive load
30 VDC
0.1 A
Note: The electrical rating applies under the following test conditions:
Ambient Temperature = 20±2ºC
Ambient Humidity = 65±5%,
Operating frequency = 20 operations/min.

Permissible operating speed 0.5 mm to 1 mm/s
Permissible operating frequency Mechanical:30 operations/min max.
Electrical: 20 operations/min max.
Insulation resistance 100 MΩ min. (at 500 VDC)
Contact resistance 300 mΩ max.
Dielectric strength 600 VAC, 50/60 Hz for 1 min between terminals of the same polarity
1,500 VAC, 50/60 Hz for 1 min between current-carrying metal parts and ground
Vibration resistance *1 Malfunction: 10 to 55 Hz, 1.5-mm double amplitude
Shock resistance Destruction:500 m/s2 {approx. 50G}max.
Malfunction*1:100 m/s2 {approx. 10G}max.
Degree of protection *2 IEC IP00
Proof tracking index (PTI) 600
Ambient operating temperature −25°C to +85°C (at 60% RH max.) (with no icing or condensation)
Ambient operating humidity 85% max. (for +5°C to +35°C)
Life expectancy Mechanical : 100,000 operations min. (30 operations/min)
Electrical : 100,000 operations min. (20 operations/min)
Weight Approx. 2 g
Note: The data given above are initial values.
*1 The given values apply for Free Position and Total Travel Position. Close or open circuit of the contact is 1 ms max.
*2 For testing conditions, consult your OMRON sales representative.
(Unit: mm)
The illustrations are for models with black housing as a representative. The is replaced with the code for the housing color that you need. See the "List of Models" for available combinations of models.
Note: 1. Unless otherwise specified, all units are in millimeters and a tolerance of ±0.4 mm applies to all dimensions.
2. The operating characteristics are for operation in direction A ().
Model D3DC-2 D3DC-3N
OF max. 1.0 N {102 gf}
TT 7.0 mm (reference value)
FP 9.5 mm (reference value)
OP min. 6.7 mm
TTP 2.0 mm (reference value)



• In order to ensure stable contact force for contacts, actuate beyond the recommended operating point (NO contact) and release to free position (NC contact).
• Do not expose the switch to shocks, such as by dropping it. Doing so may damage or deform the switch.
• Do not apply lubrication to the sliding parts. Doing so may result in faulty operation or contact failure.

Correct Use


•This product does not have a waterproof or drip-proof construction. Ensure that water does not enter the switch interior.
•In particular, do no use the switch in locations where water may be spilled or flow over the switch. Doing so may result in deterioration of the Switch.
•Also, if the contact is kept open for long period of time, it is recommended to use the Sealed Switch to prevent sulfuration of the Contact.
•Pay attention to the creepage distance/clearance distance for insulation after wiring onto terminal when a mounting frame is made of metal.


•Do not use the Switch with Connector mounted and weight load applied to the Connector and lead wire, otherwise it may rattle or may result in connection failure.

●Using Micro Loads

•Even when using micro load models within the operating range shown below, if inrush/surge current occurs, it may increase the contact wear and so decrease durability. Therefore, insert a contact protection circuit where necessary.
•The L-level reference value applies for the minimum applicable load.
•This value indicates the malfunction reference level for the reliability level of 60% (λ60). (JIS C5003)
•The equation, λ60=5×10-6/operations indicates that the estimated malfunction rate is less than 1/ 2,000,000 operations with a reliability level of 60%.