Resin Materials


Resin Materials

Resin materials that provide insulation and mechanical strength are used for the cases and covers that protect the internal mechanisms of switches.

Material name Material symbol Characteristics
Phenol Resin PF A thermosetting resin. It provides superior resistance to combustion and tracking.
Polybutyrene terephthalate Resin PBT A thermoplastic resin. A type of this resin that is reinforced with fiberglass is used for basic switches.
Polyamide (nylon) Resin PA A thermoplastic resin. This type of resin has high heat resistance.
It slides well and absorbs water well.
Polyphenylene sulfide Resin PPS A thermoplastic resin. It provides better resistance to heat than PA.
It is used when heat resistance is required, e.g., for soldering.

Materials are divided into two types: Thermosetting resin and thermoplastic resin.

  • Thermosetting resin: These resins harden when heat is applied to them. They cannot be reused.
  • Thermoplastic resin: These resins melt when heat is applied to them. They can be reformed to recycle the materials.

Cases and covers are mainly made from PBT and other thermoplastic resins so that the materials can be recycled.